“I am so grateful for the doctors and staff here at Starr & Dickens. After much consideration, research, and three consultations with other orthodontic offices, it was ABUNDANTLY clear to me that this was the place for my daughter to get her braces! Dr. Dickens was so thorough with the consultation; he answered all my questions, made sure my daughter was aware of what to expect, and even allowed me to video the consult for my husband who was out of town. The staff is super friendly and very nice! The office environment is ABOVE AND BEYOND what I've seen at any office! Do yourself a favor and choose Starr & Dickens for your family's orthodontic needs! You can thank me later.” – Minister Angel R.

“From the first call to schedule a consultation all the way through your post-treatment visits, Starr & Dickens Orthodontics is simply FANTASTIC! After getting braces in my adult years to close some spacing in my teeth, it was only natural for me to bring my youngest of three to Starr & Dickens to help correct her crossbite. They came up with a great treatment plan and we could not be more pleased. Everyone from the front desk, the wonderful assistants, and of course the doctors, were always so pleasant to be around. All three of my children are now anxiously awaiting for their permanent teeth to be ready for full sets of braces and help them achieve their best smiles possible. I would recommend Starr & Dickens Orthodontics to anyone!” – Nancy R.

“Dr. Starr, Dr. Dickens, and their entire staff are amazing! From my initial visit to my last follow-up, I have always received the utmost of attention and care. The entire staff made me feel like part of their family. I will miss seeing their welcoming faces but I love, love, love my new smile! I am so grateful for all of your hard work and commitment! Thank you.” – Cathy B.

“I could not have had a better experience than I have had at Starr & Dickens Orthodontics. I feel so lucky to have found these orthodontists. My kids love the fresh-baked cookies, the mini-movie theatre, the games, and the overall ambiance, and I love the coffee, the magazines, the computers, and the friendly atmosphere.

I didn't think I would ever meet a more compassionate, intelligent, warm, friendly orthodontist as Dr. Starr until I met Dr. Dickens; they are so similar in so many regards. Both Drs. Starr and Dr. Dickens are truly exceptional people and one thing I especially love is that they are both very cautious about any extra procedure or step that needs to be taken. I feel 150% confident in their judgment and I love how they break everything down and explain it on such easy terms. They tell me exactly what they have done or would do it if were their own children and I truly appreciate their honesty and integrity. I really feel lucky to have found this orthodontic practice.” – Laura L.

“It may seem hard to get excited about an orthodontics office, but if you have to go, Starr & Dickens office offers a friendly, organized, professional, and overall enjoyable experience. From the first time I walked in, I was struck by the synergy of the office team. They were friendly, quick, responsive, and they seemed to enjoy working together as a team. The staff is all completely competent and very skilled at their respective roles. I saw Dr. Dickens and was immediately impressed with his professional and experienced analysis and treatment plan.

As a manager of a team in my own profession, I was completely convinced that at this office they had created an efficient, professional, and motivated team worthy of being emulated in any professional environment.” – Andrew W.

“Two of my children have had their smiles dramatically improved at Starr and Dickens. We are very pleased with the location, the facility, the staff, and the doctors! We have three other children heading into braces and we will gladly take them straight to Starr and Dickens! We couldn't be any more pleased.” – Kim S.

“Our son’s smile was completely transformed by the highly knowledgeable and thoughtful professionals at Starr & Dickens Orthodontics. We were simply in awe as we looked at the before and after photos. The service was extraordinary, including first-class customer care, a fun environment, and a patient rewards program. The treatment is top notch with expert orthodontic counsel, a standard personal assistant, and advanced technology. From new patient forms all the way to guidance on using the retainer, the service, and treatment at Starr & Dickens Orthodontics was exceptional and seamless!” – Sherryann S.

“Starr & Dickens Orthodontics was the first orthodontics office to take the time to listen to my concerns without immediately recommending surgery. My case required a lot of extra work and patience. Dr. Dickens was able to come up with a great plan we both agreed on and continually had positive, encouraging words at my appointments. I always looked forward to coming in to the office. My braces are off, and my teeth are even better than I ever imagined. All due to Dr. Dickens and Dr. Starr's hard work and superior knowledge. Their great sense of humor is a bonus as well! Thank you Dr. Starr and Dr. Dickens!” – Kim L.

“We LOVE coming to Starr & Dickens Orthodontics! My oldest son is already out of his braces having recently completed treatment and looks amazing. My daughter started treatment and already looks great (and she had some serious crowding issues). The kids absolutely love it! With the friendly staff, movies, video games, and fresh baked cookies what's not to love?!” – Kelly A.

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